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My Studio Art


My own studio art has progressed through printmaking and mixed-media works. Collage and calligraphy have become increasingly important to me. I also love to write, and literature—both mine and others—has found its way into my work as text. In recent years, I have become increasingly interested in what I call “pre-linguistic texts”. This is sumi-brush calligraphy that looks Asian, but is non-linguistic. My work tends to be abstract, and often minimalist. Mindful compositions, interactive colors, and meditative doodles also play big roles in my work. I work in all scales, and on all supports, such as paper, canvas, panel, and fabric. My goal is to create contemplative, or “slow art”.

Prices available upon request: HERE


Bill, 2016, ink, oil, pastel & collage on aluminum, 36" x 26"



Window, 2016, pastel, ink & collage on aluminum, 36" x 26"

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