The second edition of 44 Hope Suite silk scarves just arrived! I am now signing and numbering each one, and we will be shipping out the ones already purchased.  Be sure to get your order in for one of these limited-edition originals of wearable art. For now, I am keeping the price at the original $244. Each displays--in vivid color--all 44 images of this masterwork in 44 languages for the word “hope.” They are printed on 19-1/2 in. x 72 in. habutai silk and hand hemmed. Enjoy owning a unique work of art, and wrap yourself in hope. Lord knows, we need all we can get, these days.


The Box of Hope is sold out, but in addition to the scarf, you can also obtain a tiled “quilt” of all 44 of the Hope Suite on paper or aluminum, in various sizes; see this website and my Facebook page for more details.


Thank you for your support.


Mark L. Smith