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Current Exhibition

Turning and Turning II--February 22nd - May 31st, 2023

Mark Smith Studio Gallery

105 N. Nugent Avenue, Johnson City, Texas


Open Friday through Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm, and by appointment

                          A new exhibition featuring mixed media works:

                                         --The Poet's Corner

                                         --The John Aielli Suite

                                         --Calligraphy on Silk

                                         --The Hope Suite Collection


Artist's Statement

All my work is based on wonder.  Whether it be exploring a poem, making simple sumi brush calligraphy on silk, or creating beauty from mixed media using found objects, I love to approach the world with a meditative, open-hearted spirit of discovery. 

Come explore my gallery and enjoy what Johnson City, Texas, has to offer. We are about an hour west of Austin, Texas, in the gateway to the Hill Country. 

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Recent Exhibition


The Hope Suite--May 25th - December 22nd, 2022

Neill-Cochran House Museum

2310 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas


Open 11 am - 4 pm, Wednesday through Sunday 

This series of 44 works was created between 2008-2014. The originals are monotype, photography, collage and mixed media on archival rag papers.

Key Dates

  • Thursday, October 6th, 6 pm to 7 pm: Artist's Gallery Talk

Artist's Statement


My show—“The Hope Suite”—at the Neill-Cochran House Museum in Austin has special meaning for me, because of the way it combines inspiration with history. The works displayed—44 works on paper—were inspired initially by the election of the first Black president of the U. S., Barack Obama. It is ironic that these works are exhibited in a former plantation manor that has deep roots in Austin’s history of African-American enslavement.


Each of the 24” x 18” works on paper contains the word “hope” in one of 44 world languages. My idea is to utilize the universal language of art to build bridges between diverse cultures; i.e., bridges, instead of walls. I hope they can provide a note of peace and a unifying feeling in a challenging and divided world. Viewers can see on the Map of Hope that we all live and die under the same blue sky, and can write a note of hope to add to The Bowl of Hope.

Previous Exhibitions

Hope After Dark

September 22nd, 2022

One-night projection event at the
Great Hall of the LBJ Library
in Austin, Texas


Mark Smith Studio Gallery, 105 N. Nugent Avenue, Johnson City, Texas

Turning and Turning

December  2020 to May 25th, 2022


K Space Contemporary, 415 Starr Street, Corpus Christi, Texas

The Hope Suite

Fall 2019


Texas Arthouse,

Johnson City, Tx 

untitiled MS studio copy.jpg
Sawyer Foundation, Elgin, Tx
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