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Art Classes & Services

Dear Creatives,

I am offering small, in-person, studio services late this fall and into the spring of 2024. After a long career in the visual arts (chairing the art department at Southwestern U., co-founding and co-directing Flatbed Press, teaching at several universities), I am now concentrating on making art, writing, and helping other artists. I approach all three tasks with the same mindfulness. In my classes and critiques, my goal is to help you bring out the true, creative spirit inside yourself. If you are ready to “drink the water from a deeper well," join me.




PORTFOLIO REVIEWS & CAREER MENTORING — Any MWF or Sunday, late fall through spring 2024

You may bring a portfolio of your works or paper, or five to ten, portable works on canvas, etc. We will examine them together, and I will provide an honest critique, with the goal of learning about the work’s aesthetics, and the artist’s inherent potential for artistic growth. 


Also, using my experience as an exhibiting artist, a curator, a gallerists, and a studio and art history professor, I will provide ideas about how to move your art career forward in ways that match your talents and goals.


    $150/hr., two-hours maximum




MASTER CLASSES — starting this fall into spring 2024

-These studio workshops—for two to four artists—center on mixed-media works on paper. 

-Emphasis will be on collage, drawing, & calligraphy. By request, a workshop on monotype printmaking may be arranged.

-My teaching approach is mindful, even meditative. 

-My goal is to help you find your unique, inner potential.

-Basic materials are provided, though you are welcome to bring some of your own papers, collage elements, etc. 

-For adults, aged 16-100. Gentle dogs, pigs, or aged cats welcome (the studio includes a small backyard).

$300 + $60 for materials, 10 AM-4 PM, with a one-hour lunch (BYO or local)

Please click the button below to ask about dates


FINE-ART PRINTS 101— For Curious Art Lovers


This private studio tour and Q&A is for up to six adults (aged 16-100). I explain the real meaning of “original prints”, and provide a brief introduction to how woodcuts, linocuts, engravings, etchings, photogravures, lithographs, and monotypes/monoprints are made. For adults, aged 16-100. 


$100 per person, or $160 per couple — 90-minute session; wine & water provided.

Email me here by clicking button below to ask about dates.

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